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Say goodbye to typical online “mail order” custom wedding dresses.  You’ll never be able to gain the intimacy you need with an off-the-rack wedding dress, or a “custom wedding dress” that you order over the Internet.

I am here to help you choose all of the details of your custom wedding dress.  This includes the little details, such as the special types of thread, the fabric and lace you want, special beading, covering over such things as wider hips, smaller or larger than normal tops, etc.  That can only be achieved through face to face contact.  You CANNOT have that kind of intimacy over the Internet!

I will work with you one-on-one because every wedding gown that I make is made specifically to fit your personality and vision.  You just can’t achieve that personal relationship over the Internet.

We will work together to create the perfect dress that fits your unique personality.  I can also give the same personalized care to each of your bridesmaids and even your special flower girl.

I will encourage you to participate in the process in many ways from fabric selection,  design and personalization.  When completed you’ll have a custom wedding dress that is truly unique to you.  Call today at 928 920 0123 for a free telephone consultation or fill out the form on the contact page and I’ll get back to you so that we can schedule your initial face-to-face consultation.

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Special thanks to Zach Nichols photography and Jason and Jessica Horning for the use of their beautiful wedding photos.

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